T.I.C. is an Italian company with over 50 years of experience, known worldwide for the production of resilient floor and wall-coverings for the contract market. Its products are unique in the world for qualities ad technical proprieties. Find out other products visiting .


Thanks to the high technology of its plants and to the quality management system, T.I.C. is able to satisfy any request of the client with the maximum result.


T.I.C. thinks green. The selection of the raw materials, which FLOORDESIGN is composed of, is the result of a continuous and careful research based on three requirements wich are essential for us :


  • Quality                

  • Innovation              

  • Low environmental impact

The production process is carried out with specific equipments for :


  • Reduction of the polluting substances in the air

  • Water softening both for colours and chemical substances 

  • Thermal reduction

The product has been carried out to be re-used at the end of its primary utilization, in order to be used as : material for packages, sound-proofing, geo-textile, or to be melted again at low temperatures to be re-used in other fields.

Its disposal is extremely easy and with reduced costs, as it is classified like a special waste material which can be assimilated to the solid household waste and therefore accepted in the common dumps or incinerators (DPR 915/82 Resolution 27.07.84 Law 475/88).


Recycled compound:      16%


Natural raw materials:    54% 


Re-Use after usage:      100%

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