At the end of the production cycle FLOORDESIGN® is fully immersed in a liquid containg an anti-soiling Teflon®  and a bacteriostatic Sanitized®.


In order to polymerize Teflon®, a minimum temperature of 150°C. is required for 10 minutes (Nylon melts at above 200° C. and Polyester FR above 250°C.).


Carpets, in general, have a PVC backing or a synthetic jute in Polypropylene backing. They can not use an anti-soiling product, such as Teflon® or similar, because PVC and Polypropylene do not tolerate temperatures higher than 110°/130° C.





Teflon® has a dual function:


1)  It  is  a resin  (polymer)   and as such it also acts as a  binder  for Sanitized®,  by encapsulating it.

       Sanitized®  by   itself   would   not  be  permanent,   during  the  first  wash  it  would  be   missed        completely (the dry residue is a white powder).


2) It is  an anti-soiling product,  which  protects all  fibers and  whole  thickness of FLOORDESIGN®.        It makes FLOORDESIGN® water and oil repellent, therefore stains  will be  easy  to  remove.  Any      liquid and/or oil  which  is  poured on its surface has difficulties to get into. Normally  liquids flow      on the surface acting like mercury.


Easy removal of blood : after 5 minutes =  99.6 %

                                               after 24 hours    =   97.5  %


Easy removal of urine :  after 5 minutes  =  100    %

                                               after 24 hours     =  100  %



Sanitized®  is  a  bacteriostatic  product,  permanently  fixed to all  fibers and whole  thickness of FLOORDESIGN®.  It  offers  effective  protection  against dust mites and micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi,  etc.). Mildew, unpleasant odors and dust mite allergens are no longer a problem. 


Sanitizing and disinfestation will never be necessary with FLOORDESIGN®.


Survival of micro-organisms on FLOORDESIGN®, after 24 hours = result 0.



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